John LaChance, CEO

Our CEO has been with Cloth and Clay Works for almost twenty years. John is dedicated to providing you, our client, with the utmost quality cloth material and clay supplies. John has held many positions in our company since starting out as an order-fulfillment specialist. John is here for your total development as our client, from start to finish. John will ensure a smooth product acquisition process for you, with the help of our staff. Please do not hesitate to contact John if you have any questions or needs with your order.

Linda Wilson, Marketing Director

Linda has been with Cloth and Clay Works for fifteen years now. She can assist you with all phases of account management with your orders from Cloth and Clay Works. Linda can also assist you with development of your orders and supplies with Cloth and Clay Works, showing you what new products we have that may serve your business and meet new business needs you may have. Feel free to contact Linda to see what more we can offer you!

Thomas Carter, Operations Manager

Thomas has been with Cloth and Clay Works for ten years now. He can provide you with detailed information as to how your order will be manufactured, packaged and shipped from our facility. Thomas is happy to customize how your order is manufactured and packaged, with a particular emphasis on orders that may require a specialized team to manufacture your order. Thomas makes sure our facility keeps in the best of condition, so that your order is produced to your satisfaction. Feel free to contact Thomas with any questions you may have about our facility.

Cynthia Martin, Product Development Director

Cynthia has been with Cloth and Clay Works for eight years now. She is happy to answer any questions you may have about what products we currently have in development here. Cynthia can also assist you in integrating our latest product design innovations into your order, helping you to produce a unique product that your customers are sure to love! Cynthia has just the right touch to make sure that your product will feature our latest design and production technologies, to help your product stand out from your competition. Feel free to contact Cynthia to find our how she can make your order stand out as the unique creation that is should be!